Luxurious Hotels in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and its culture has long been synonymous with riches and luxury. Nowhere is this more evident than in their opulent hotels, where hospitality and indulgence are a part of everyday life. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, look no further than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are countless places all over the country ready to receive you in palatial surroundings with the most extravagant amenities you can imagine. If you are looking for a vacation in the lap of luxury, Saudi is the destination for you.

If you’re not sure where to start looking for places that are available in your destination, don’t worry! There are so many different palatial hotels and resorts that it can be overwhelming to even start researching what might be available. In order to lend a helping hand with your search, here are five of the most jaw-dropping luxurious hotels in the Kingdom.


Ritz Carlton, Riyadh

This place is more like a palace than anything else. Its massive heated pool is bracketed by floor-to-ceiling windows and open to the sky above. The hotel is located within 52 gorgeous landscaped acres. It also offers a male-only spa with all kinds of exquisite treatments. The hotel also offers extensive event spaces, high-speed Internet, and luxury bath amenities. This is one of the best destinations on the list, given its ‘wow’ factor in comparison with some of the other properties.

Riyadh Carlton

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Al Faisaliah

This hotel is called the Jewel of the Middle East. The high-rise includes an entertainment complex and the famous Al Faisaliah Mall. The restaurants are the real attraction here, including the Globe, a unique establishment located in a golden sphere and overlooking the city. The in-room dining is top notch, including the option of having meals cooked by a personal chef and served by your own butler. This is the definition of luxury.

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Qasr al Sharq

The first word that comes to mind about the Qasr al Sharq is royal. This is a beautiful palace of a hotel, complete with private balconies overlooking the Red Sea and your own whirlpool tub. This is one of the Waldorf Astoria family of properties, and provides exactly the level of luxury and comfort you’ve come to expect. There are female-only and male-only spas available at the hotel, as well as enormous suites with private offices, baths, and bedrooms for those traveling on business. The Venetian-inspired cuisine at one of the on-site restaurants is a taste of Italy in the Middle East.

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Inter Continental Abha

This is the only five-star hotel in the mountains of Saudi Arabia, at the highest point in the country. Guests have a choice of rooms or private villas, and every wish and whim is catered to at this hotel. A former palace, the InterContinental Abha also serves as a museum displaying local hand crafts and artifacts. This luxurious retreat is the perfect choice for hikers and eco-tourists. It’s also a great destination for history buffs who would like to know more about the region and its people.

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Inter Continental Dar Al Hirjah Madinah

Those who are interested in visiting the Prophet’s Mosque would do well to stay here. This hotel is a luxurious retreat allowing for those wishing to make a religious pilgrimage to the second most important destination in the Muslim world after Mecca. Complete with views of the Ohud Mountains. There are fine dining options nearby as well as on site, and various entertainment options in the neighborhood.

In Saudi, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to luxurious surroundings. There are so many luxury options in the region you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Most cities in the Kingdom will have a luxury option because the country is extremely wealthy, and hospitality is one of the most important aspects of Saudi culture. No matter your reason for traveling to the country, there will be a place that fits your needs. You only have to investigate your destination a little before coming up with something that will provide incredible luxury as well as a base for all your activities in the country.

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