Are you traveling to London? Already have a flight to London from the best travel agency in London? So, I can help with the next phase, indicating 10 places to see in London, as well as activities and things to do in London – and ALL FREE! Take advantage of my cheap restaurant tips in the capital from the cheap London tour to stay full.

On the way to Hogwarts:

Do you like the Harry Potter books? Then you cannot miss King’s Cross Station.

Platform 9(1/4)

In honor of the books and movies of the world’s most famous wizard, the 9th Platform was created, located (obviously) between platforms 9 and 10 of King’s Cross. Such an intriguing place!

I am also a member of the Queen’s Guard:

Queen’s Guard

A day of touring in London would not be complete without a photograph with the Queen’s Guard, known for their red uniforms, huge black hats and, of course, their serious air – and remember, you might try to make them laugh, but no touching! Take advantage also of watching the rendering of the Queen’s Guard.

Beatlemania on Abbey Road:

Abbey Road

Beatles fans, admirers and fans No. 1 always end up taking the London Underground to Abbey Road, where the label still operates today. Then you’ll see them lined up crossing the treadmill and taking pictures in a file, just like the Beatles did in 1969 – to create the ambiance, enjoy our playlist of music to travel.

London calling:

The red phone booths as well as the London buses have long been part of the city’s brand image and, of course, take a photograph! Even more is that it is free and there are so many phone booths that you will not miss!

What time is it in London? :

Big Ben

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Rome the Colosseum and London? The main postcard in London is Big Ben, the Clock that is never late and which reminds of the British punctuality. Next to the River Thames, near Westminster Bridge and Parliament, Big Ben is London’s most photographed attractions and one of the places to see in London! As for visiting Big Ben, the tours are free but limited to UK residents.

Live London in Trafalgar Square:

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is London’s most popular square, located in the city center, next to the National Gallery. It is a place for flash mobs, protests and a meeting place for those living in London. Few tourists are inhibited to climb one of the great lions of the square and take a picture … to later remember! Visiting London without passing through this place is almost impossible!

The London Parks. The Squirrels of London Parks:

Hyde Park

London Parks are a matter of great English national pride. In spite of being a great metropole, there are lots of green spaces that you have to visit, such as Hyde Park, Regents Park or St. James’s Park. Here you will find birds, swans, ducks and … squirrels. Squirrels for travelers one of the greatest attractions of the parks. Take some nuts with you – they like it!

Free London Museums:

London Dungeon

Some of the most visited museums in Europe are in London – The British Museum, National Gallery, Tate, Dungeon Museum, among many others. Most museums in London have free hours or in some cases, as in Tate, admission is free at any time of the day. Enjoy.

The statue of Amy Winehouse in Camden Town:

There are talents that were too soon to leave us and Amy Winehouse was one of them! In the mythical neighborhood of Camden Town, where the English singer lived for many years, a statue is erected in her honor. Several fans and admirers of Amy Winehouse come here and leave flowers, letters and other objects to the deceased artist.

Visit Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral for free:

Westminster Abbey

Yes, you pay to enter Westminster Abbey and also at St Paul’s Cathedral. The trick is to visit both during Mass times, since at this time entrance is free. Here too, I advise you to consult schedules so you can schedule your visit – you can check the Mass schedule at Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral on their official website.

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