How to Spend Two Days in Berlin

How to Spend Two Days in Berlin

With only two days in Berlin, you’ll find yourself overrun with things to do and sights to see. Known for its history, art, and clubs, the city is great for a weekend party or a couple of cultural days. We’ve narrowed down the best bits to make sure that your 48 hours in Germany’s capital are unforgettable.

See the Brandenburg Gate

Arguably the most famous monument in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate once marked the division between East and West. Today it is celebrated as a symbol of unity and freedom, attracting flocks of tourists throughout the year. Free of charge and a top photo opportunity, visit at night when the lights make the gate pillars look especially impressive.

Wander through Alexanderplatz

The largest square in Germany, Alexanderplatz is located in the neighborhood of Mitte.

Bustling with restaurants, shops and with easy access to transport, Alexanderplatz is the perfect starting point for any first-time visitor in Berlin. Be sure to check out the TV tower while at Alexanderplatz and make your way to the viewing platform at the top for panoramic views from over one thousand feet up.

Discover street art

Berlin is quite literally covered in art, with colorful graffiti sprawling over high-rise buildings and along railway lines. There are tons of murals you’ll stumble across but we recommend going to see Dmitri Vrubel’s piece on Mühlenstraße, the Astronaut Cosmonaut wall in Kreuzberg, and artists Various&Gould work on Oderberger Straße. If you fancy something indoors, Urban Nation in Schöneberg is a museum for urban contemporary art and showcases well-known Berlin street artists.

Pay respects at the Jewish Memorial

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe lies in the heart of Berlin and consists of 2711 concrete blocks, standing at different heights. Open all day and night, visitors are free to wander between the blocks and contemplate the horrors of World War II while lost in the vast size of the maze-esque structure.

Eat currywurst and pretzels

A staple food in Berlin, currywurst is sausage with sweet ketchup and special curried powder on top. Perfect in the winter months, you can get currywurst from street vendors or various snack bars throughout the city. The dish is so highly regarded in Berlin that it even has its own museum— the Deutsches Currywurst Museum.

If meat isn’t your thing, opt for a pretzel instead. The chewy, crisscrossed bread is typically from Bavaria — the south of Germany — but the capital city also serves the doughy treat with a delicious range of toppings. Ask for “brezels” in German.

Go clubbing like a local

Known for its pounding techno, converted warehouses, and 24-hour events, Berlin proudly stands as one of the best party locations in the world. Try your luck at Berghain, the club famous for being the church of techno music; but note that it’s notoriously difficult to get in to and cell phones aren’t allowed. If you’re caught trying to take photos, you’ll be swiftly escorted out.

Tressor is another favorite for Berliners. The record label and underground nightclub is set in an abandoned power plant in Kreuzberg. Visitors to Tressor should expect to commit to fist-pounding throughout the night (and morning) to hard techno.

The dress code for clubs in Berlin is casual — you’re most likely to get past the door staff wearing dirty sneakers and a t-shirt rather than a fancy dress or shirt.

After a long night of dancing, make sure you have a comfortable place to go back to. Browse all types of accommodation in Berlin.

Cycle the Berlin Wall

Experience the complete distance of the Berlin wall by hiring a bike and cycling through the city. See remaining sections of the wall — now mostly decorated with art and messages of unity — among natural landscapes and bustling landmarks. There are signs along the trail route to help with directions and provide historical information. The journey is relatively easy, as most of the paths are roads previously used by border patrol officers.

Relax in a park

There’s a surprising amount of green space in Berlin, meaning that on sunny days people flock to the parks. Tiergarten is considered the main park in the city and has cafes, sculptures, lakes, live music and even a nude sunbathing area.

Other parks worth going to include: Volkspark Friedrichshain, a great park for jogging with an open-air cinema in the warmer months. Tempelhof Park, which in true Berlin-style used to be an airport and now is ideal for wind sports and picnics. And Viktoriapark, which has hills that offer stunning views of the city skyline.

Drinking alcohol in public is allowed in Germany, so feel free to bring your own or visit one of the beer gardens in the park.

Get pictures in the photoautomat machine

Commemorate your time in Berlin by jumping inside one of these old-school photo booths dotted around the city — you get a printed strip of 4 black and white photos for around 2 euros.


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