Away From the Skyscrapers: Desert Adventures in Dubai

Away From the Skyscrapers: Desert Adventures in Dubai

A sand adventure is something you can’t afford to miss when in Dubai. From camel treks to epic sunrise views, a desert escapade is your ticket to enjoying nature’s playground and experiencing adrenaline-fueled fun.Want to encounter a once in a lifetime adventure away from the skyscrapers? Here are Dubai’s exciting desert adventures you should try.

Camel and Horse Rides

Get up and close to the mysterious desert and enjoy spectacular views of the Dubai skyline through the equestrian center at JA Al Sahra Desert ResortWhether you opt for camel or horse riding, you simply have to sit back and relax while you take in the surroundings and embrace the spirit of Arabian adventure. Moreover, if you want to host a private party, this resort is a perfect venue offering a wide range of dining options.

Camel Safari


This is a fun activity that takes advantage of the height of sand dunes. It consists primarily of crashing down the sand dunes while riding on a board. The higher the sand dune, the greater the thrill you get.

To enjoy this recreational activity, you will need to drive to a campsite in the desert from the city. Usually, first-timers strap their feet to the sand-board to avoid slipping. But if you’re quite confident of your skill, choosing a board without feet binding also works for added excitement.

The utter thrill of sand-boarding.


Dune Buggying

Want to put your driving skills to the test with lesser risks of bumping into anyone? Hop into a dune buggy and wear your protective mask and helmet, then drive across an empty desert to let loose. This vehicle is approximately 750 cc, customized for riding in the Dubai desert and comes complete with bucket seats, roll cage, and a safety harness.

Don’t worry about getting stuck– it’s what makes this activity fun.

Dune Buggying – One of the most popular desert sport in Dubai

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Do you want to feel like flying while getting the best wide view of magnificent golden sands? See the Dubai desert 4,000 feet above the ground aboard a hot air balloon. You can also enjoy the company of falcons as they travel up with you and fly around your balloon.

Desert Trekking

Experience the desert with your own feet as you stroll along the sands with a guide. You get to have a tour into Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and hunt for nocturnal creatures you can view through night-vision goggles provided to you.

Dirt Biking

The thrill you get from motorcycling in the desert dunes is far more unique than what you get when riding along a normal highway. Although this is only accessible to individuals who have a motorcycle license, you can still get to enjoy beginner courses. The four-week course will cover all the basics of motocross, from steering to gear handling until you can move off the go-kart track and ride into the desert.

 Dune Bashing

This is a popular activity in Dubai because of the excitement it gives riders as their vehicles come crashing down the hills of sand dunes. When trying out this desert adventure, the best vehicle to go with is a Hummer H2. Whichever vehicle you opt to get, make sure you know the schedules for desert safaris:

Morning Session – usually begins around 9am then goes on until noontime

Evening Session – starts around 3pm in the afternoon and ends in the evening

Take note that the dune bashing session lasts for only a couple of minutes since schedules usually include the full desert safari package, unless yours is a special or customized booking.


Dune Bashing – Go crazy!



Tips for an Amazing Desert Adventure

  • Dune bashing may get too bumpy so eat a light lunch early in the morning and avoid drinking too much liquid.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the harsh desert sun rays.
  • Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes and long pants when riding a camel or a horse.
  • Wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes in the desert so that you can easily take it off to dump the sand out.
  • Remember to take a lightweight cardigan or jacket with you as desert temperatures drop during the evenings.
  • Make sure to bring a camera with you to record your sightings of different mammal and reptile species.
  • Follow and listen to your guide’s instructions to be aware of safety measures in the desert.
  • If you want to enjoy your adventure while the desert is cool, it is ideal to go early in the morning. Once the sun takes its position, it may get a little too uncomfortable (think hot and humid) for someone who is not used to Dubai heat.

Heading to Dubai for a long vacation? Don’t miss out on the thrilling adventures above for an unforgettable experience in the “City of Gold.”



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