‘A Day with Whales and Bears’ – Exploring Vancouver Island, Canada

Whale watching

After pondering upon my wish to do something different in life in a different way, I came to know that Vancouver Island is the best place for me to fulfill my wish. I am fond of indulging in wildlife explorations to quench my thirst in being cordial with nature. If a person decides to visit a place, primary consideration must be given on effort to collect info on the target place. So, I decided to collect info on Vancouver Island, and I came to know that the same is a part of Canada.    

Best time to go: 

I searched for the main metropolitan area in this island, and came to know that the Greater Victoria area enjoys that prestigious status. As you know, mild climate is most suitable for a person who is interested in travelling to explore new places, and Vancouver Island has mild climatic conditions. To be specific, highest temperature during summer is 33 degree Celsius, and is tolerable.

What to do:

Visitors watching Whales

Then I tried to find out the factors behind the economic backbone of the Island and came to know that Deep sea fishing, tourism and wood industry (say, logging) are the same. As a tourist, main attractions identified were whale watching and viewing bears in their natural habitat, and those are the main attractions in the field of tourism.

Bear watching

Worthy to mention, there are also other places to see like bays and beaches, for instance, Cowichan Bay, Qualicum Beach, etc. Ferry service is the main mode of transportation from the mainland to gain access to Vancouver Island. Still, this will not pull back a person who is deeply interested in the diverse ecosystem consisting of rain forests, beaches, lakes, meadows, mountains etc. Gaining access to the Island, I enquired about whale watching and bear watching, because I knew that the same is the main attractions of the tour package.

Whale Watching – Mesmerizing experience:

Whale Watching

Whale watching is mainly observing whales in their natural habitat. We started our exploration by circumnavigating the Island in a ferry. There are certain rules while watching whales. There is a need of minimizing the speed of the ferry by watching whales and also need to avoid sudden turns. We need to lower our voice while approaching the whales, there is a chance to agitate them by loud voices. We started our journey in the morning because Whale watching is generally conducted in the morning. Still, some guided tour packages offer whale watching in afternoons also. Usually, there is no season for whale watching. Typically, whales swim close to the shore. So there is not a need to travel for miles through the sea. Mainly whale watching is an educational experience. Because while whale watching we are experience their habitat. So we can clearly experience the natural environment around whales. From March to October is the main season of the tourists to visit Vancouver Island. While watching more whales, I came to know that whales are in different sizes and types and named differently like humpback whale, gray whales, etc.

Bear watching – A day with the Beasts:

Bear watching

After watching whales for hours, we decided to return back to the shore because it was the right time to visit the bears, one among the main attractions of Vancouver Island wildlife. I knew that we can spot black bears only in remote places away from human habitation because bears never like human contact in any sense. But, entering the forest area, I saw a black bear sniffing something on the side of the road. Vancouver black bears are larger and also darker than the other mainland bears. Male bears start breading only after six years except in rare occasions. Female bears only reach maturity after four years after that they start to breed. The long period to get maturity for bears enriches the sources of fishes in that area. Their mating period usually happens from June to mid July. Bears are not afraid of humans but in rare situations when we are close to mother and baby. We were asked to keep bear spray with us to use when there is a conflict. Our guide allowed us to make noise while watching bears because it can help to avoid the contact between bear and human beings. Sometimes a predatory attack may happen while they are searching for food. After spending a lot of time with different types of bears, we returned to the forest office.

Visiting Vancouver Island for exploratory purpose, and spending a day with the big beasts of the wildlife and marine will definitely be a mesmerizing experience for any individual who is interested in and traveling and sightseeing something else other than the ordinary.  


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