7 Incredible Destinations in Abu Dhabi for a Weekend of Fun and Relaxation

There’s a lot of talk about self-care and taking the time for some R&R, so why not set aside your weekends for that? Have a grand staycation if you are from Abu Dhabi, or simply enjoy the capital while you’re holidaying in the city.

Abu Dhabi offers several lovely destinations for anybody who wants to slow down and treat themselves to a few days of leisure. And, every weekend that rolls in is the perfect time to explore what Abu Dhabi has to offer. ‘Need some ideas on where to go? Seven awesome places are listed below.

1. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Surround yourself with beauty and grant yourself the opportunity to tune in to your spirituality. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is, perhaps, the most famous landmark in the capital. It’s absolutely free to come here, too.

Dress up in your best modest outfit, walk around and marvel at this architectural and interior design wonder, take pictures, and perhaps even pray.

2. The Louvre

You do not have to be an art lover to appreciate what The Louvre in Abu Dhabi has to offer. The museum building itself is enough to pique your interest and grow your appreciation for man-made beauties.

Here, you can walk at a leisurely pace as you learn more about works of art from different parts of the world. For sure, you will emerge from a trip to this location with a deeper understanding of the dynamic world you live in. It’s worth noting as well that it’s near Saadiyat Beach, making the outdoor area of the museum just as visually pleasing as the indoors.

3. The Saadiyat Beach Club

This beach club is not that far from the Louvre, so after approximately two hours of cultural immersion in the museum, you can head over here to luxuriate yourself. If you are not a member, you can still come by getting a club day pass, which you can purchase online, and enjoy the various amenities of the club. 

The Saadiyat Beach Club is known all over the capital and the rest of the country for its enjoyable weekend events. For instance, Thursdays are dedicated to the ladies — Thursday night is Ladies’ Night at the club. Also, Friday brunches are available; you can enjoy an international spread with both family and friends. There are still other events here to set aside your weekend for, particularly during Ramadan.

4. Tawa Bakery

This sophisticated bakery in Abu Dhabi is a must for a weekend of being good to yourself. The place offers a lot of delicious gluten-free options, which are perfect if you are on a diet or suffer from gluten sensitivity. On top of that, Tawa Bakery boasts the famous coconut milk latte which is rich, creamy, yummy, and healthy.

If you feel like the workweek that has passed was full of bad food choices, Tawa Bakery is undoubtedly a lovely place to recuperate from stress eating. Again, bring a few friends with you and just relax while eating baked treats without guilt.

5. The De La Costa Lounge

You can actually find this lounge at the Saadiyat Beach Club, but if you want to treat yourself for the weekend, better make reservations here for a night cap off. 

De La Costa Lounge is elegant yet comfortable, with a homey vibe complemented by its interior design and decor. You can chill with your friends here, and sit back or people watch. If you opt to stay at the deck, you get a gorgeous view of the club.

A lot of people love to come here after fitness classes at the Workout Room or Bodytree because they know that at De La Costa, they can take it easy and relax.

6. Abu Dhabi Corniche

This is the public beach without the attitude, which means that there is no shortage of possibilities for fun when you come here. You can take a meditative stroll as the sun is rising or setting, go biking, jogging, or simply laze under a giant umbrella to read a good book and get a tan.

Despite being in the capital of the country, activities at the Abu Dhabi Corniche happen at a much slower pace. It’s also not that noisy, and people who come here really just want simple and wholesome fun. You can spend an entire day here and go home feeling completely rejuvenated.

7. The Etihad Towers Observation Deck

If you have seen the movie, Furious 7, and were wowed by the skyscraper view of Abu Dhabi, come to Etihad Towers’ observation deck. You can get tickets online and spend an afternoon gazing upon the crystal blue sea and the clear skies.

There’s even a restaurant here if you are looking to have a fine dining experience to go with the spectacular view.

Time to explore Abu Dhabi

Indeed, there is an abundance of destinations in the UAE capital to refresh your body, mind, and spirit. So, the next time you badly need to unwind, visit the places rounded up here and score an experience your soul will delight in.



Soraya Abdul Azis is the Marketing Manager for Saadiyat Beach Club in the UAE, the very first beach club on Saadiyat where guests can enjoy and celebrate a world of fine living, health and well-being. Soraya has worked in Design, Advertising and PR in Dubai and Beirut for the past 4 years.

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